The Apple Way: 5 Simple but Core Marketing Strategies

Apple’s tag line, ‘Think different’ says it all about this billion dollar MNC (multinational company). Have you ever wondered, how did they create the immense presence? Few key points that Apple as a brand takes complete care of before launching any new product are:

  • Helping customers trust the information they provide,
  • Being transparent with customers in order to help them compare their options, and
  • Helping customers learn about the product thoroughly.

While most of the brands and businesses struggle to figure out new ideas to launch their products, and services, Apple does it via simple but important marketing strategies. So, let’s find out five simple but core marketing strategies followed by Apple.

Turning something ordinary into something very beautiful
Apple uses the strategy of ‘creating something beautiful out of the ordinary’, very well. They monitor and study the performance, design and packaging of products very closely. They redefined their design standards and created iconic products such as iMac, Macbook Pro, iPod and Macbook Air.

Justifying the product price
Apple justifies the price of its product with the features and benefits which are loved, and preferred by customers.

Being known by the product name, not the product type
None of the products are know by their type, but by their names. Apple’s strategy for iPhone 4:
“You don’t buy tissues, you buy Kleenex.
You don’t buy MP3 players, you buy an iPod.
You don’t buy a smartphone, you buy an iPhone.”
It is essential to to create identity of products for customers which not only drives them but also brings them back.

Apple ensures that the purchase experience doesn’t end after customers walk out of the store by communicating in languages of its customers. The technical information is dressed up in a way that benefits, entices and suits the buyer.

Market Competitions
Nowadays, pricing strategy has become a common path of promoting a product, but Apple ignores this practice completely. It charges almost double of what the competitors price their products at. Apple justifies it with the features and benefits that are unmatched. No other personal computer can match the display of a 27” iMac; none of the music players can match iTunes software.

To know more about Apple’s simple and core marketing strategies, keep calm and stay tuned with us.


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