Reverse Mentoring, cause big wonders come in small packages!

Why do most corporates focus on employing experienced Executives? Mainly because of their efficient skill of mentoring young minds which comes from their tremendous experience. But did you know, nowadays, ’mentoring’ works better the other way round.

In other words, though young, entry level employees are less experienced than their managers, but they understand technology and trends or some operational aspects better than their managers. These entry level employees are the ‘Reverse Mentors’.

Why do ‘Organisations’ need Reverse Mentoring
Reverse mentoring is a process where employees, belonging to the age group between 20-30, educate the executives or older employees in strategies to- master social media, stay atop in terms of technology and trends, engage the young crowd, and stay energised throughout.

Wondering, how to they do this? Well, the current generation is growing up with the Internet, mobile and digital devices. So, they are used to consuming information 24*7 and searching for answers every time a question strikes them. Their intuitive nature makes them more resourceful, confident and cheerful.

The kind of outlook provided by ‘Older Mentors’ generally include- understanding the targeted audience, business strategies, traditional marketing techniques that work well today, strategies that have worked well in the past, career strategies, and others. While on the other hand perspectives provided by ‘Reverse Mentors’ are completely different and fresh. The perspective provided by ‘Reverse Mentors’ include:

  • Trending and relevant content strategies that work
  • Teaching critical skills and making things work
  • Useful information and advice that might be difficult to source elsewhere
  • Social media strategies depending on the products and services, and targeted audience
  • Valid, real and transparent communication
  • Creative and productive ideas, and
  • Strategies to stay energised and motivated.

How to do Reverse Mentoring correctly
Reverse mentoring is a fun and enlightening experience, but can be detrimental if not done correctly. So, here are few key points to make most out of reverse mentoring.

  • It is very essential to keep a tab on things. The young generation is tech savvy, but it’s isn’t necessary that they will always understand how to use social media in terms of business. So, it is very important to keep a tab of things in order to work appropriately.
  • It is important to take feedback from Reverse Mentors, but at the same time it is vital to not let them change or strategise everything.
  • Establishing set rules for maintaing privacy of the firm because at the corporate levels, everything can’t be disclosed or made public.
  • Corporates need to take risk, but it is very important to take measured risks; excessive risks can lead to fallout

But, above all, if corporates, business, firms, etc wish to stand out, they need a balance of both Old and Reverse mentoring. What say?

Do share your feedback in the comment section below and stayed tuned with us for more interesting, tactful and practical tips to pep-up your business.


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