Lead Generation, a Necessity: 6 Smart Ways to Generate Leads

Wondering what is a Lead and why do you need to know about it? Imagine, you own a business but no one knows about it and you are doing nothing for the visibility. You will be forced to shut down in no time right? Well, to run a business successfully and profitably, you need leads cause no leads means no sales, no profit, nothing at all. Lead is the database that businesses own and create without which they will most assuredly fail.

So, Leads and Generating them…
Who are leads? People who have acknowledged and shown interest in your company’s product, service is a lead. For example, a cosmetic brand conducted an online survey on their website to understand what kind of products are mostly liked and preferred by customers. The customers who take the survey and show interest in the process, and the product are ‘leads’.

Now, what is lead generation? The process of attracting strangers and converting them into leads is basically lead generation. So, lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

How to generate leads?
Lead generation is majorly divided into two categories- inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the process of helping potential customers find your company even when they don’t wish to purchase, which converts the early awareness into brand preference and finally into leads, and revenue. While through out bound marketing, customers find brands or businesses they wish to associate with. The customers find businesses mostly through various paid and natural search engine marketing efforts. There are many tools and methods under both inbound and outbound marketing for generating leads. But, let’s find out six smart ways of generating leads.

Creating an engaging product video:
In today’s world, most of us like to learn through visual medium and entertainment is what we wish to end our days with. So, why not create amazing product videos that will engage your customers while entertaining them at the same time. Creating an advertisement and putting it up on YouTube doesn’t engage your customers, it only reduces the number. It is important to think and come up with great ideas that will drive customers more and more.

Constant Blogging
Having an active blog always helps in generating leads. This is one of the oldest and strongest tools of lead generation, but very fewer companies maintain their blogs well, and regularly. It is important to make sure that content on the blog should not be only company specific but engaging and useful as well, so that customers can benefit. There should be interactive posts, info graphic and sign up sections for Newsletters. Constant blogging can turn out to be more useful and productive that online or offline advertisements.

Conducting webinars
Webinar is the most inexpensive, easy and efficient way give your message to numerous potential customers. Nowadays there are many tools and services that allow companies to broadcast webinars easily, efficiently and quickly. Since, webinars are easy to conduct, it can be made as a recurring event which will engage more customers. Webinars can easily be promoted through social media, company blogs and newsletters. This technique generates leads in bulk but it is important to also ask the attendees to visit your site or sign up for newsletters, etc.

Giving lesser choices
More the option, more is the confusion, so lesser the choices, lesser confusion and more leads. It is important to limit confusion and stick to only single Call to Action (CTA).

Tweet to generate valuable, potential leads
Twitter helps in generating leads if you can distinguish between immediate fruitful leads and yet to be nurtured leads. Being active on Twitter can help you interact with potential customers, influencers, etc and get you more visitors on your website.

Conducting interactive sessions on Quora and answering questions
Quora, an interactive question and answer site has gained immense popularity in no time. This site allows you to create a profile with directly links back to your company website or landing page. So, coming up with interesting questions and answering questions asked by others on a regular basis generates leads directly.

In case you have tried all these ways, share new strategies with us and if you haven’t, try and let share your feedback with us in the comments section below.


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